The fight for driver’s licenses

The fight for driver’s licenses began in 2008 after state legislation made it impossible for undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver’s license. Since then there have been multiple attempts to reinstate driver’s licenses, each time garnering vast support. For over ten years, Causa has worked with the community members, legislators, and coalition partners to pass legislation that would allow all Oregonians to access driver’s licenses, regardless of documentation status. HB 2015 is the most recent attempt, and with over 600 people attending advocacy day to speak with legislators about the importance of having access to licenses, the support from the community is clear. This campaign had over 113 endorsers throughout the state. Causa organized 18 forums/trainings and engaged about 1,500 people across the state from Medford, Astoria, Dayton, Gresham and more. Causa collected and generated over 22,000 emails into legislative offices, 3,425 online pledges, and 1,879 paper pledge cards. All of this work was put in to secure the passage of HB 2015 and reinstate driver’s licenses for all Oregonians!