Story Collection: Immigrants are Essential

About the Story Campaign

Stories are a powerful way of changing hearts and minds. Throughout the coming weeks, Causa, Oregon Ready & One Oregon will be highlighting stories to give a face to who are the essential workers during the current global pandemic. We know that immigrants workers are critical to Oregon and are the heart of our communities. They are the restaurant workers who are feeding us. They are the nurses who are working double shifts to care for our sick ones. They are homeworkers who are caring for our elderly. They are the farmworkers who are putting food on our tables.

They are also the workers who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic and have no access to any wage replacement program such as Oregon’s Unemployment Insurance program.

If you are on the thousands of Immigrant Oregonians who identify with any of these situations, please consider sharing your story with us. Causa and our partners may post your story on our social media and website. We may share your story via email, or in materials. Below you’ll find guiding questions and release form

All questions should be emailed to Iván Hernandez: or call 541.561.3272

Release Form/ Formulario de cesión de Derechos

I understand that Causa Oregon, One Oregon, and Oregon Ready is seeking permission to use my visual image, name, comments, and story in public materials in Oregon including print and electronic media. I understand that my name, quotes, and statements may be used publicly, either on the web, in print, audio, or video. understand that I may refuse to sign this form. I understand that I can ask for someone at Causa or anyone else to help me understand how this form will be used. I understand that I may change my mind and decide to cancel my permission at any time. I also understand that if I cancel this authorization, the information may have already been used or given out before I changed my mind. I understand that I may request a copy of this form for my records after it is signed.