Driver's Licenses for All (HB 2015)


The ability to drive legally is vital for many Oregonians as they take their kids to school, commute to work, and contribute to their communities.  Without the ability to apply for a license to drive, parents are forced to make an impossible choice between risking arrest and deportation or choosing not to drive and being unable to care for their families. Having the ability to apply for a license to drive gives all Oregonians, including those without legal status, the opportunity to follow the law, get to work and school safely, and provide for their families and communities.

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Our immigrant friends and family shouldn’t have to live in fear of being deported or worry about their families being torn apart simply because of a traffic violation.
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Excluding Oregonians from the ability to get a driver’s license because of their citizenship or immigration status puts our neighbors at risk and makes it harder for them to care for themselves and build a better life for their families. Help us pass HB 2015 by contacting your legislator today!

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