Public SafetySeguridad Pública

Causa believes that all members of our communities, including immigrants, have the right to be safe from harm and secure from undue persecution and harassment.

Safe neighborhoods and roads, access to police services, fair treatment within our criminal and civil justice system, access to transportation and requisite license and insurance, and the protection of civil rights are key to preserving public safety for everyone. Causa’s two major priorities in protecting public safety are restoring access to drivers licenses for all, regardless of immigration status, and ending the collaboration between local police and ICE. Families are not safe when parents are unable to legally drive on the roads. Justice is not served when members of our community are unable or unwilling out of fear to report crimes or seek assistance. Read more about our work around these two issues at the pages below.

Drivers License

CAUSA supports the restoration of driver’s license to all Oregon residents who meet the qualifications for a standard license, regardless of ability to prove citizenship or legal status.In 2008, the Oregon Legislature passed a law requiring proof of citizenship or legal status to obtain an Oregon driver’s license. This law created unnecessary barriers for individuals to legally drive or purchase insurance and unnecessary costs and consequences for other drivers, insurance companies, homeowners, businesses and law enforcement….more here

Police/ICE Collaboration

The number of immigrants who are detained and deported has dramatically increased over the last 3 years. In 2010 alone, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detained almost 400,000 immigrants. The current emphasis on enforcement-only policies has created damaging partnerships that blur the line between federal immigration authorities and local police. Partnerships between ICE and local law enforcement agencies erode trust between immigrant communities and local police and undermine community policing efforts and emergency services….more here