• President Obama Discusses Administrative Relief

    President Obama delivers remarks on Administrative Relief from Del Sol High School in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Causa Responds to Administrative Relief

    "...we will continue fighting for Congress to finally act and pass immigration reform with a path to citizenship for the more than 11 million undocumented immigrants living and contributing to this country." -Andrea Miller, Causa Executiove Director
  • Administrative Relief Announcement!

    After Congress’ Failure To Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform, President Obama Is Set To Announce Executive Action to Grant Administrative Relief To Millions Of Immigrants.
  • Executive Director Andrea Miller on Measure 88 Results

    "While victory is out of reach for us at the moment, we also know that this is just the beginning. Nothing that happened tonight has eliminated the very real and very urgent need for driver cards in our state."

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  • Causa Responds to Administrative Relief adminreleasepress-fp

    President Obama proveerá alivio para millones de Familias   Causa Oregon responde al discurso del Presidente Obama sobre el Alivio Administrativo para Familias Inmigrantes   Salem.-Ore– Hoy, enfrentado con la inacción del Congreso por la Reforma Inmigratoria, el Presidente Obama dijo que su administración proveerá alivio a millones de familias

Administrative Relief | Alivio Administrativo

  • Celebración por Alivio Administrativo causa-fp1

    Este puede ser un momento histórico en el cual nuestras familias tendrán una razón para celebrar el día de acción de gracias. Agradeceremos al Presidente Obama por tener el coraje y valor para tomar acción y hacer este alivio administrativo en el tema migratorio posible.   Sera tiempo de celebrar


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